Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mint Juleps, the "Ultimate" Southern Beverage

Despite the title of this blog, I have NEVER had a Mint Julep, as Hollywood would have us believe,regarding life in the south. I've had mint in iced tea or sweet tea, as we call it and it is so refreshing.

Apparently the Mint Julep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. I've never been to a horse race either. But if I go I will definitely have a Mint Julep. We are big on tradition down here.

We are having balmy weather for February, which is wonderful considering we are smack dab in the middle of the Mardi Gras season. From what I can gather, the official adult beverage of Mardi Gras is Jello shooters, if you are riding on a float during an especially cold night, (no spillage) & anything else if you are amongst the revelers and ball attendees. I have never had a Jello shooter either & am certain I wouldn't like it.

Once I saw an episode of "COPS in New Orleans", filmed during Mardi Gras ,(pre-Katrina days). One intoxicated reveler either punched the mounted policeman's horse or threw his beer bottle at it, I 've forgotten which. The point is, WHY? It really didn't make much sense & it was mean. Needless to say the reveler got grabbed up by the scruff of the neck & most likely got to "sleep it off" courtesy of the City of N.O. police department.

New Orleans is not the only area that celebrates Mardi Gras. There are Krewe's, parades & observances all along the gulf coast, from Louisiana to Florida. I suppose I enjoy the thought of it more than actual participation, probably because it makes our area unique & colorful & each year when the purple, green & gold items are put out in the stores & the bakeries are selling King's cake, spring is right around the corner.

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