Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A "Few" More Words About BBQ...

We've discussed what BBQ is & isn't & talked about the all-important family favorite sauce, sounds like we've got the BBQ subject covered. Not quite. When you go to a BBQ restaurant the waitress might ask you whether you want sliced or chopped BBQ. Well sliced is obviously just that; sliced. But chopped is a whole 'nother concern...Any real barbecue can be easily pulled apart with a fork due to the slow cooking, which adds wonderful tenderness. Oftentimes this is referred to as "pulled pork", and is my favorite way to eat it.
Beware though, when a restaurant is serving chopped barbecue, especially if you don't see wood stacked up around back or smell real smoke. Some people actually just cook a pork roast until it's done, at 350 degrees or so. When the pork is done in about an hour or 2, they take it out of the oven and actually chop it, with a knife no less. This is NOT barbecue, the texture is off, even if they cook it on the grill, it's not the same thing.

Behold...pulled pork or chopped pork, either name is acceptable.

Speaking of stacked wood, this is always a telltale sign of real barbecue. One of my family's favorite restaurants in Marietta, Georgia was Williamson Brothers. They had wood stacked up the wah-zoo & smoke ; delicious hickory smoke was always wafting on the breeze, whetting our appetites. If that didn't convince you, there was a huge wood burning oven, with an open front, smack dab in the middle of the place. You couldn't miss it. And there'd be a man with a huge pitchfork -looking utensil, stabbing the roasting butts & turning them over as the HUGE spit slowly turned revealing more roasting butts. The walls were kind of covered in soot from decades of wood smoke. Yum, I'm getting hungry.
Then in Huntsville, Alabama we loved Greenbriar barbecue. They served baskets of hush puppies at the table and had some delicious sauce that they called "white barbecue sauce", which was used for the grilled ham steaks they had on the menu. My favorite there was the barbecue, but occasionally my husband would get the ham, so I've tasted it with the sauce and I'm here to say that it is wonderful. Incidentally, I know how they make the white sauce; mayonnaise, vinegar & LOTS of black pepper. The sauce is thin when the consistency is correct, so don't worry. Sorry but this is as close to a recipe for this sauce as I can get. I always just mix mine until it "looks right".Try it, you'll like it!

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