Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paddy O'Possum coming SOON...

It's that time again, (well almost, anyway), St Patrick's day! We used to paint the town green when I was a young girl in Savannah. It was always a holiday from school & we would all go downtown to watch the parade. Love it!!!

Hey, I know NYC has a grand celebration but it's COLD up there!! Savannah is the place for St Patrick's day celebrations. So in honor of my heritage & my love for all things Irish & my multiple generations of possums, (who grow fat & sassy on my cats' meow mix), I give you, "Paddy O'Possum"....(well stay tuned anyway, he has a photo-shoot today & I need to type up the directions). So for now Erin Go Bragh! & stay tuned.

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