Friday, February 20, 2009

That's no cat....

O.K. , so I have a few cats. Isn't that the stereotypical knitter profile; female with multiple cats a la "Crazy Aunt Purl"? Well I have 3, (4 if you count the next door neighbor cat who has adopted us). Most of the time they stay outside....bad me!! Can't help it, I have allergies. We feed them in the back enclosed deck, they have a pretty good life.

Ya'll know what's coming next,right? The cat food is a wild critter magnet & word has gotten around about the all-you-can-eat cat chow buffet at our house. We have birds, squirrels, other cats (occasionally), and of course POSSUMS. We are on our 3rd or 4 th generation now. They grow up so quickly, only to have babies of their own , who come back to feed at our house. By now they must be on their way to evolving some kind of internal tracking instinct or migratory programming, leading them back to us, the old folks at home.

They are kind of cute when they are little but only from a distance, I don't trust those teeth. Oh & the cats don't mind them one bit nor do they mind any of the aforementioned animals either. They are too full & lazy to care. It's a peaceable kingdom at our house.


  1. That is so sweet! I'm with you....I'll appreciate the cuteness of baby 'possums from a safe distance. Enjoy your peaceable little animal kingdom!
    a Knitting Junkie!

  2. Thanks! I promise not to eat him. Love the static electricity look of his fur.