Thursday, March 26, 2009

Confession is good for the soul...

O.K. ya'll, I've committed a crime & I need to get if off my conscience. It's been nagging at me for quite some time. I got into kool-aid dying in a bad way. I was obsessed!! Hoarding Kool-aid packages like a junkie, running around all over town with the hideous Kool-aid stained fingers of a complete & utter addict, not even taking the time to put on gloves when I was dying. But that's not the crime, (I paid for them).

No the crime was that I overdyed some GORGEOUS, pale gray Malibrigo yarn. If there were a court for prosecuting people who abuse yarn I'd be booked for sure on felony cruelty & abuse charges. Not to mention that I almost felted the once lovely & supple yarn & now it looks like wimpy, horrible colored dreadlocks. O.K. suspend my Kool-aid buying priviledges, I deserve it.

I give you exhibit A: (go ahead throw the book at me)

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