Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Chicken Gets Herself into Some HOT water...

Pick a little, talk a little....

I found this precious pattern on Ravelry called "Spring Chicken" by Bluesocks Designs. It looks like it's only available as a Ravelry download.
Having cleaned Hobby Lobby out of their entire discounted Lion wool, ( at $1.99 /skein,who could resist?), I just had to do something with it. After all, I'm definitely not going to wear much wool down here, it's too warm even in the winter, except for the occasional frigid day. So I knit the pattern on larger needles, stuffed them loosely & popped them into the washer. I even needle felted one of them.
I'm really branching out & loving every minute of it.
I can still see stitches on the white chickens & they were felted twice. I think I stuffed them too much but this is a learning situation. Se la vie.

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