Friday, March 13, 2009

Stuffed Easter Eggs

Here’s what I’ve been making, when I’m not crocheting or knitting or working…
Each year I make these eggs for our local Festa. They are real chicken eggs, blown out, cleaned & carefully stuffed with a rosary, necklace or other special surprise.
Extra long needle, (like the needles used for sewing on stuffed doll eyes)
Bulb syringe,(found in baby departments, used for clearing their noses)
Tissue paper, (assorted colors)
Elmer’s white glue
Paint brush
Clear coat spray, (I use Krylon)
Waxed paper
Dish soap & water
*Optional: Ribbons, sequins, flowers & other embellishments
Salmonella warning! Use good handwashing practices when handling raw eggs & don't try to blow the egg with your own breath, it's too hard & you could get raw egg in your mouth
Blow eggs out first: (they tell it better than me)

Using the large needle, carefully poke a tiny hole in one end of the egg. Poke another hole in the opposite end and carefully chip a little of the shell away with the needle. Use needle to puncture yolk.

Using the bulb syringe, place over pinhole & slowly squeeze the bulb forcing the egg out through the larger hole. Repeat a few times until it feels as though all of the egg has been blown out. Fill the syringe with water & flush it through the egg to clean up the insides. (I always use a different syringe & flush a mild mixture of soap & bleach through the egg shell). Place the blown egg shells in an egg carton to finish draining. Let them dry for a few days if possible.

When eggs are completely dry, carefully chip away at the larger hole until you can just squeeze the surprise into the egg shell(fig 1). Don’t worry, you’ll be covering this hole but remember the smaller the hole, the easier it will be to patch.


Carefully work surprise into the shell ,patch the hole with a piece of paper & some white glue (see photo below). I use notebook paper or something a little heavier than the tissue paper. Set aside to dry a bit.

Meanwhile tear tissue paper into random shapes. Pour some Elmer’s glue out on a saucer, take your paint brush & get ready to decoupage. This part gets a little tricky but ya’ll will figure something out. I do about half of the egg at a time & place it on waxed paper to dry, then finish it up holding it by the finished, dried side. The first time I made these I added ribbon loops for hanging & hung them to dry on a peg board but attaching those ribbons entailed using hot glue & fine motor skills which was a pain, literally.Once the eggs are all decoupaged, give them a nice clear finish. Again, laying them on waxed paper, in a box, take them outside & spray with the clear coat. Once dry you can turn them & spray the other side.I know ya’ll can come up with more efficient ways to do this , sometimes I do things the “hard” way just to get them done in a hurry, if you know what I mean.

decoupaging the shell - overlap torn pieces & brush to smooth, some wrinkles are o k.
Embellish eggs with ribbon flowers, bows, sequins and so on...

Other fun uses for these eggs:
My daughter was living several times zones away from home when she had her 21st birthday. I just had to do something to show her how special she was so I sent her some birthday eggs...
one was called a "birthday cake egg". In it I put some cash with a note telling the poor baby to go buy herself a cake, (sad, huh? Did I mention that she was living in Hawaii at the time? Poor girl indeed).

In the next egg I put bunches of glittery birthday confetti. The sky is the limit here, right? You could put notes, poems, a balloon…all kinds of things.

I also made a tissue paper hat & ever so carefully folded it & stuffed it inside another egg, (like the flimsy hats they put in the Christmas poppers).

What can you think of to put in them? Have fun crafting, these are messy & seem to have a lot of steps but they are so much fun, especially for the recipients. Kids are especially amazed by these. And a final word of warning they are oh so addicting to make...I can't stop:)

One final note: If you are planning to save the egg insides for eating, PLEASE use care not to get soap or bleach in the eggs or otherwise contaminate them & refridgerate and use them right away. Don't want anyone to get sick. Use 2 different syringes; one for blowing the eggs & one for flushing the shell with soap & bleach solution & mark them well so you'll know the difference. When in doubt, throw them OUT!


  1. That's AWESOME!
    Brings back memories of making eggs with my Gran when I was little. We would dye them with beetroot, onion skins etc.

  2. Thank you! I'm enjoying the process, it's a nice break from knitting/crocheting.

  3. Your stuffed easter eggs are so fun and festive! If I was a Peeps bird, I would totally make a home out of those shells :)

  4. Thanks Howie! If I were a Peeps bird I might as avoid becoming an after-Easter "Peep No More".

  5. Great idea for the kids this Easter season. I've never blown an egg out before, so that will be a new experience for me. I like your other craft projects listed. Do you work with embroidery? Here are some fun projects with embroidery that I am more familiar with. machine embroidery projects