Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Peeps on the Beach

Peeps enjoying a driftwood perch.

Peep-prints in the sand...Isn't that the name of a poem?

Awwww, who sent the rose? Perhaps it was Mr. Adult Beverage Monkey. Watch out Peeps, he's making his move!

Peeps enjoying a surfside hammock. Don't melt now, Peeps.


There now. I'll save you.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Felted Purses: a Story of Lust & Addiction...

Please note: I sincerely hope the title doesn't attrack unwanted sordid attention...this is not THAT kind of story:)

(The bags pictured in this story are based upon the Dumpling Bag design by SheKnits but I crocheted my purses & needle felted the embellishments . Check out her brilliant custom closure made of double rings. Genious! )

Having recently purchased the remaining skeins of deeply discounted wool several weeks ago, I have now gone dabbling into the sinister & highly addicting world of felting.

It all started innocently enough, as many addictions do. And like the Kool-aid dying, with all of it's colorful charm, felting lures you in with the promise of brightly colored, uniquely shaped finished objects. At first it was happy-go-lucky. Just a little crafty experimentation in the privacy of my home. So maybe I put off washing clothes for a while, maybe I hid dirty dishes in the cupboards & kept the curtain closed so as not to show the growing dust bunnies in my den.
Speaking of bunnies, if you recall my first felted object was the sweet & innocent squared bunny that I made for charity. How can a project for charity not be GOOD??? Then there was the chicken bag & those felted chickens. They represented everything good & sweet & innocent...springtime & Easter & renewal.

Before long, I was searching on the net for felted bags. I was becoming obsessed as I searched Ravelry & Etsy & Crochet & Knit Pattern Central for the ultimate bag design. This is where my downfall hit me in earnest. There were patterns everywhere, each one more alluring than the next, calling my name across the moors of my brain..."Heathcliff, is that you"? Er, eh hem.....there were bags of all descriptions, a person could go mad by the sheer numbers alone, not to mention the cute factor of them all.

It wasn't always like this. For years I tried to avert my eyes to the felting projects popping up like Kudzu all over the net. For years I closed my mind to felting for fear of the consequences. But subconsciously I may have been planning this binge for years. There were times when I would hungrily eye my husbands' 100% wool sweaters, trying to imagine how they would look all felted & re-made into a cute tote. "I am so sorry, honey! I didn't mean to wash your sweater in the machine, really". Why did I ignore the warning signs? I can quit anytime,'s just that my sisters are coming into town for a reunion & they all would love a bag. Then there are my co-workers & Mom & my daughter & the postal carrier lady. Oh and me, of course and.....Where can I get more wool yarn at this time of year & this far south?

Oh wait, have I mentioned that I've been needle felting as well?

"Hello...My name is Miss Julep & I'm a felting addict"....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Hour with my Peeps...

Life really IS a beach when you have Peeps to share it with....

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after the storm

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"what a difference a day makes...."

Happy Dog Feet

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Storm Leavings

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Peeps on the beach

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Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Not Too Late to Cast Your Vote...

Ya'll the annual Washington Post Peeps diarama contest is well underway. They have selected finalists & it's time to vote! VOTE,VOTE,VOTE!!!Power to the Peeple!! Vote early & vote's the link

Incidentally, they are all so creative but between you & me I LOVE # 17!!!And was glad that someone else remembers that "Soylent Green is PEEPLE"...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blackberry Winter...

Ya'll ever heard of this? Well that's what we've got here today. I looked on the net to get some information on this phenomena and with all wive's tales & weather legends, I got differing opinions. This is how I understand it...when the blackberry vines are flowering we get a cold snap, (coincidence or neccessary for fruit development? Who knows?). Around here, in the DEEP south, we generally have it sometime in April. True to form, the vines are flowering & we are cold but I refuse to wear shoes today...I just gave myself a pedicure with the cutest pink polish. I really need to make some of these socks!!! or these
or (I love this pattern...the toe-less/heel-less version would be my choice for this climate, plus they could be used when "breaking in" a new pair of flip-flops).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Just HAD to have this pattern....

I saw this pattern on Etsy & it called my name, loudly. It is called "Easter Bunny Baby Cocoon & Hat Set" by Sharon Powers. This is such a cute, easy, fast & colorful baby set. I LOVE it!! She's got a giraffe cocoon pattern too. Did I happen to mention that the giraffe is my favorite African animal?? http://www./

Here's the hat finished but not embellished yet, I might just tie a ribbon "Hello Kitty" style. The rest of the set is equally cute, with Easter egg stripes, (I LOVE stripes, especially bright colored ones). I completed this hat in one sitting. Love the clever way she has you put the ears on as you go. I'll take more pictures of the set as I finish it.
Oh & if you're a sucker for babies in animal ears, like me, then definately look at the link for the pattern. Sharon had a professional photographer take photos of her finished item. So sweet & cute & funny...