Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blackberry Winter...

Ya'll ever heard of this? Well that's what we've got here today. I looked on the net to get some information on this phenomena and with all wive's tales & weather legends, I got differing opinions. This is how I understand it...when the blackberry vines are flowering we get a cold snap, (coincidence or neccessary for fruit development? Who knows?). Around here, in the DEEP south, we generally have it sometime in April. True to form, the vines are flowering & we are cold but I refuse to wear shoes today...I just gave myself a pedicure with the cutest pink polish. I really need to make some of these socks!!!http://www.yarnsandmusings.com/2007/09/crocheted-pedicure-socks.html or these http://web.archive.org/web/20051221084341/http://spunmag.com/article/050605socks
or http://www.lusciousgracious.com/stitched/episode1/AZffsocks.htm (I love this pattern...the toe-less/heel-less version would be my choice for this climate, plus they could be used when "breaking in" a new pair of flip-flops).

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