Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Just HAD to have this pattern....

I saw this pattern on Etsy & it called my name, loudly. It is called "Easter Bunny Baby Cocoon & Hat Set" by Sharon Powers. This is such a cute, easy, fast & colorful baby set. I LOVE it!! She's got a giraffe cocoon pattern too. Did I happen to mention that the giraffe is my favorite African animal?? http://www./

Here's the hat finished but not embellished yet, I might just tie a ribbon "Hello Kitty" style. The rest of the set is equally cute, with Easter egg stripes, (I LOVE stripes, especially bright colored ones). I completed this hat in one sitting. Love the clever way she has you put the ears on as you go. I'll take more pictures of the set as I finish it.
Oh & if you're a sucker for babies in animal ears, like me, then definately look at the link for the pattern. Sharon had a professional photographer take photos of her finished item. So sweet & cute & funny...


  1. Your hop-hoppity hat is looking so perfect & jaunty! Someone should be modeling the hat and getting themselves photographed for your blog! :D

  2. Thanks! My "baby" is 22 years old...and my cats have learned to run when they see me coming carrying anything resembling a hat.