Wednesday, May 13, 2009

25 Reasons Why I Love Crochet...

Fearless Leader over at the Ravelry group "Crochet Liberation Front" to promote hookers & their craft by listing 25 reasons why you love crochet. So, here goes...(these are listed in random order)

1. Ripping out/frogging is SO MUCH EASIER, than with knitting.
2. Waiting-room crocheting, (easier to stop at a stitch & pin it than to stop in the middle of a knit row.
3. Faster, faster, faster!
4. AMIGURUMIS!! They just look better crocheted.
5. Easier to do shaping "on-the-fly" than knitting & I often find myself designing as I go, instead of planning & drawing:)
6. And when I DO draw a design first it's so much easier & faster to sometimes just crochet it.
7. You can take hooks on planes.
8. If stranded on an island with a hook & LOTS of acrylic you could catch dinner & feed yourself,(do I really need to say "How"?)
9. My arms don't need as much space to crochet as they do when knitting.
10. No dreaded dropped stitches...(and what do you fix one of those with, pray tell?)
11. My small steel hooks can double as a tool when I get my hair highlighted.
12. Beautiful lacy stitches are fun & easy to do.
13. No need to bind stitches off, when you're done, you're done.
14. Baby blankets!!!
15. Big people blankets!!
16. Granny squares, (who doesn't love these? In moderation , of course)
17. Anchor & hide color changes as you go.
18. Other people who crochet!!
19. Amigurumi designers & all of their whimsy & creativity.
20. Crocheted food, poop, toilet paper & other items that make people say, "huh?"
21. Bright, inexpensive acrylic yarn!!, (always in fashion for amigurumis)
22. Lacy shawls!
23. Stylish & kitschy at the same time!
24. Meeting other people who crochet & starting up a nice chat about it.
25. Afghans, coverlets, blankets, (especially granny square, ripple & other vintage-y looks).

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