Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fried Corn!!! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!

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This batch of mushy, bland-looking stuff is actually a form of ambrosia and is probably worth it's weight in gold. O.K., maybe not worth THAT much but hey, it's made with the first of the local, homegrown corn. This is a much anticipated day at my house....the first fried corn of the season.

Why do we call it fried, you might ask ? Well, it's cooked or rather "fried" in a frying pan. But not just any ol' frying pan. Heavens NO!! Don't even try it without a very well seasoned cast iron frying pan. That may upset the balance of nature or something.

So here's my recipe;

Fried Corn

Local homegrown corn, (lots of it! This shows the results of 18 ears)
At least 1 1/2 stick s of Butter, REAL Land o'Lakes or other substitues for this much corn!!
Well-seasoned cast iron frying pan
Salt & pepper

Corn scraper’s-Wooden/dp/B000BI8E40/ref=sr_1_3/184-8685332-6740466?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1243443838&sr=8-3

Shuck corn & wash, removing tassels. Hold scraper over a large bowl & scrape the kernals off the cob, being sure to scrape a few times to get all of the good juice. Repeat for all cobs. Throw butter into cast iron pan, add corn scrapings. Cook on medium heat, stirring constantly. Be careful that it doesn't burn. Keep cooking for about 15-20 minutes. Salt & pepper to taste.

Serve with freshly sliced homegrown tomatoes, barbecue, devilled eggs & green beans cooked with fat meat.

Servings: 4 (at my house)
Calories & carbohydrates: can't count that high & don't want to

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