Thursday, May 28, 2009

On the other hand....

25 Reasons Why I LOVE Knitting:

1. Sharp, pretty needles of all sorts, shapes, sizes & material.
2. The smoothness of stockinette knitted fabric.
3. Using both hands.
4. Seamless knitting in-the-round.
5. Other knitters.
6. Taking a break from crocheting.
7. Scarves, scarves, scarves.
8. Being bi-crafty, as someone called it on Ravelry:)
9. There's more than one way to do circular knitting & knowing how to do both.
10. The reaction of non-knitters when they see you knitting with 5 dpn's.
11. Random conversations with strangers who see you KIP'ing & strike up a knitting conversation.
12. Yarn.
13. Knitting books, magazines & blogs.
14. Making something useful with yarn.
15. The small clicking sound some of my needles make when I am knitting.
16. Ravelry!
17. Uses less yarn than crocheting.
18. Cable, moss & ribbed stitches.
19. Baby hats & bibs!
20. Smoother felting results.
21. My set of Harmony interchangeable needles. Beautiful & so nice to use!!
22. Homemade bead stitch markers.
23. Vintage plastic tortoise shell colored needles. I WANT SOME!!!!
24. Knitting on a pair of vintage straight knitting needles.
25. Just because...

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