Thursday, June 11, 2009

New drug of choice....

Don't you just LOVE a bargain! Man it gives you such a high to get something for practically nothing, regardless of need. Just kidding about the latter part. At any rate, I've been reading the Thrifty Knitter & Unraveled groups on Ravelry & not to be left behind, I too have begun to scour the thrift shops for sweaters to unravel into YARN... HAPPY, COLORFUL BALLS OF YARN!!! Never mind that I have enough yarn to knit a coozie for my entire house. It's the thrill of the hunt & the unexpected finds. I'm psyched!

So far I have gotten 3 pink sweaters, 1 turquoise, (my favorite color), 1 medium blue, (also a fav), a peach that is too gorgeous to frog but alas it doesn't fit me & my prize, the Wedgewood blue silk sweater. I'm in unraveling heaven! Most of the sweaters are cotton & cotton blends as there's not much call for wool down here.

The funny thing about this is my hoarding behavior. Shhhh, come closer so no one will hear...if word gets out down here the prices will go up & then I may as well buy the yarn as yarn, right?? One local thrift shop is already on to bargain hunters regarding current trends. Knowing that knitting & crocheting is so popular they price all of their yarns accordingly, (in their minds). Don't get me wrong, I love the folks who run this store & their proceeds help so many people in need BUT they have skeins of name-brand acrylic in plain colors priced at $2 a skein. I can get the big skeins new (& dust-free) for $2.47.

I meant to take a picture of all of the sweaters before I started unraveling them but I couldn't help myself. My hands started itching to get started & well, some of them are already in various stages of unravel.

Does this mean I'm cured of my chicken & felting & felted chicken addictions??? Naaaahhhh!!

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