Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh My Goodness!! SWEATER PEOPLE!!!

On one of my forays to find sweaters to "recycle" into yarn I came across this sweater. I don't wear sweaters that often & especially ones with lots of decorations, (they are cute but just don't "work" on me). However, I can appreciate the workmanship & creativity of these embellishments and as for this sweater, I LOVE IT!! The little people are cute & happy! In fact, for the time being, it's my new (& first) title photo.

The yarn is cotton but there is no way I can take this sweater apart, NO WAY!! No, I would love to try to make it into a tote or pillow or something. Or maybe even a framed piece to inspire me. Who knows. For now it will be posted here so I can look at it. The real sweater will probably find it's way into the bottom of my projects pile, which is far too large.

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