Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christmas in July? You've GOT to be Kidding...

I'm usually an 11th hour sort of gal when it comes to making things for Christmas. My intentions are good & I usually make a half-hearted attempt at planning ahead so I can make/buy a gift for everyone on my list & his/her brother without breaking the bank and/or working my knitting & crocheting fingers to the bone.

Nothing says "Christmas" to me like the adrenaline rush of trying to complete 6 knitted/felted bags in time to pop into the mail by December 20th & it's December 16th already, (sorry Jesus, you know what I mean...Christmas as we know it in America, the secular kind).

My creative processes thrive on last minute crunches but sadly my family suffers greatly...filthy house, no supper and bouts of extreme snippiness & hissyfits. Sorry family, ya'll know I love you to pieces but I'm counting for goodness sake. O.K., o.k., I'll get up & cook something...just let me finish this....last....row.....

So in the spirit of planning ahead, (especially while the supplies are available, right?), I'm going to show ya'll something I've come up with. Of course I'm not the 1st to think of this but I stumbled upon these clear plastic balls at Hobby Lobby about two months ago & have been planning to write this project up ever since, before folks start thinking about Christmas and buy them all up.

Kidsilk Haze & stitch marker Ball - don't forget to include the label!

I call this project the "Non-knitted-or-crocheted-crocheting & knitting-last-minute- Christmas-gift-for-all-your-friends-in-your-knitting-group" gift.

Here's what you need:
4" clear plastic decorative ball - found at Hobby Lobby in/near the wooden items area
fillers* for said ball (see below)
ribbon, bows, silk flowers, Crocheted flowers, feathers & etc....embellishments to suit your tastes & what you happen to have around the house.

Fill ball with knitting/crocheting stuff, close. Tape, just in case, (don't want to lose the goodies).
Decorate with bow and/or etc...
Repeat as needed.

Why yes, that IS a hat in there.

*filler themes I would/will use -
1. For my felting friends - roving & felted beads

2. My lacey friends are getting - a ball of Kidsilk Haze, Malabrigo Lace or other lace-weight yarn. Perfect fit!
3. Knitting & crocheting notions...everyone needs these - stitch markers, point protectors, pins, tape measure, etc.
4. One size fits all - gift certificate to an LYS
5. Crocheted jewelry-makers - beads & crochet thread, (you'll have to re-wind thread into a ball sans the cardboard core to fit).
6. Etc...what can you think of?

Now let's get back to working on our tans. It's July for Pete's sake.

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