Monday, July 6, 2009

Embracing my inner granny....

LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! I was looking for sweaters to take apart at the local Goodwill this weekend & I found this purse for $2.99. Hey, what better way to cart around my knitting & crocheting than in a carpet bag. Oh & don't let the ball of yarn & knitting needles fool you in terms of scale, this bag is really a nice size & that is a HUGE ball of yarn & extra large needles.

Incidentally, the large ball of yarn Is one of 3 balls I wound up from ONE ex-large sweater. It's 100% cotton & it's so soft. I paid $3.49 for it. Don't know exactly what I'll use it for but a scarf for me comes to mind or lots & lots of dish cloths...

P.S. I know, some folks get offended at the granny/knitting reference but it doesn't bother rather cracks me up 'cause I know how enjoyable being creative can be & how many young sophisticated (men &) women are embracing this art/craft form these days, (thanks to Ravelry) . PLUS, learning new skills, such as crocheting & knitting, can keep your brain working well. As much as I knit & crochet, I must have the brain of a 25 year old:)


  1. Your vibrant creations and your joie de vivre are proof that knitting can keep everyone young! :)