Friday, July 10, 2009

Fiber Friday & the F.S.A.

Today I had a super fiber-rich lunch....I spent the entire hour working on un-ravelling a silk/angora/wool blend sweater. Who knows what it'll be...I just love the thrill of the hunt & the unraveling process.

I've been knitting with some of my earlier re-claimed yarn & that is very satisfying as well. It takes the stress of worrying about messing up, totally out of the equation. After all, I've been averaging less than $3.49 per sweater...what a rush, (no I DON'T get out much & am easily amused).

This morning I had a meeting at a nearby town. Driving back to the office took me right by one of my favorite farms. Good to see the F.S.A. out grazing & looking all sweet, home-y & picturesque.

Can you guess what the F.S.A. is??? (My husband, Mr Witty, came up with this acronym)


  1. Greetings from England, thanks for dropping by my Flutterby Patch. Can I swap my foxgloves for your veranda, I've always wanted one to sit on!

  2. Certainly!! Come on over & we'll have tea & boiled peanuts!!