Monday, July 27, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday & Some Local Color...

While perusing thrift shops & yard sales, in search of sweaters to unravel, my attention is drawn to other items, with my inner voice asking me what "we" could possibly use this, that or the other thing for, in order to justify schlepping it back to my already over-crowded house. It's a sickness, I can't help myself and yet I have gotten some really nice items. My favorite items of late are my various & sundry handbags/knitting bags. If it has handles & it holds things then it has potential to become a knitting/crocheting bag.

Along the way, stop & smell the "roses" or rather Petunias & look at the amazing Spanish Moss, (the stuff of many fond & scary memories growing up....)

Here are some of my finds as well as a brand new Fossil tote my husband & daughter got me.
Happy Birthday to me....

I love this knitting "basket", "tote", "caddy" is at least 25 years old. Found it at a thrift a couple of years ago. I almost sold it on Ebay. So glad I reconsidered.

Ya'll have seen this bag but not in such a colorful, flowery setting. Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous bag. This bag is probably from the '60's/70's.

I got this one for the handles...wanted to use them on a knitted & felted bag but the tote is in such good condition I am hesitant to take it apart. Besides I like the shape. Oh & the quilt in the background was a $1 find. It's made of polyester & perma-press fabrics from the 70's, which is not top on my list but still it's colorful & a good size for a picnic & some one made it with their own little hands. I like it.
I'll post more knitting bag pictures soon.

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