Monday, August 10, 2009

If you can't make 'em, buy 'em....

I love lacy things!! Especially crocheted & knitted lacy things!! Specifically lacy crocheted & knitted things done with thread & spider web-by so-called yarn. But alas, it doesn't love ME. I can't see it or manipulate it into anything but a mess. When I try to knit or crochet with super fine yarn it just won't behave. Se la vie.
Enter my lovely yard sale finds...aren't they gorgeous??
Don't know what I'll be doing with these but for now I'm just enjoying looking at them & handling
They are soft & time-worn, which I love! Starched doilies are too neat & tidy for me & tend to mock my rather "lived-in" appearance & home.
Not that I don't appreciate the look of starched doilies, it's just not "me".

Lots of fine workmanship & dexterity...

Oh & on my doily forays I found this guy...bless his heart. I feel his pain.

Finally, look at this sweet face. Oh & see the sleeping baby under her chin? Adorable!!!


  1. Adore the pretty mats you found, my granny used to make them but sadly I've never tried. The little lady with the baby is a real cutie. I love their faces.

  2. So much crochet! You've made my day. You should sew them all together, dye them and make lovely, original shawl for yourself. : )

    I'm sure they'd love the starch washed out of them!

  3. Thank you for the suggestions & comments!!