Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School Crochet Patterns...

"School Spirit Notebook Cover"

"Happy Bento Lunch Caddy"

I've been a little frazzled lately & thus the Fall issue of Crochet Uncut surprised me. I forgot that it had a September 1 release date. Well I've got a couple of patterns in it; a notebook cover & a food container caddy. Additionally there are some wonderful fall/cool weather projects & even a toy for "man's best friend"...LOVE it! Check it out.

This is the original notebook cover...I just HAD to make the final product super bright & gaudy per my usual style, ha! "OK LADY, STEP-AWAY-FROM-THE NEON-YARN !"

Incidentally, this is NOT the mystery project I mentioned previously. In fact the mystery project is all done save for the crocheted part, which shouldn't really take much time. However, I am frantically trying to finish another submittal, along with a myriad of other tasks & obligations. Ho Hum..... same old, same old....Isn't this the same song we all sing at times??

I made so many of these Bento Lunch Caddy's while working on this design. These are a couple I didn't include in the pattern.

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