Friday, October 2, 2009

Banana Pups...Have You Ever Seen Them?

This UGO* is actually a banana "flower?" . See the little baby bananas? They won't ripen as it will get cool & that will be the end of them. After the banana tree flowers & bears fruit, it will die, only to be replaced by little banana plants that emerge from the root ball. I'm thinking that they take about 3 years to mature to this stage.

Banana trees are fun to grow. I used to have them in our Atlanta area garden & they thrived. I had to dig them up in October & store them in a cool dark basement, (like bulbs), but it was worth it.

I saw a gardening show on HGTV where the homeowner grew her banana tree in a gigantic pot in a huge pond. Her home was in Canada no less. She just had to remove the tree & store it before the cold weather set in. So yes, you too can have a banana tree of your very own.

*unidentified growing object

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