Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Colors....huh?

O.K., so it isn't the wonderful crunchy fallen leaves of autumn but it's red. I really do miss the leaf change that occurs in the fall. Apparently Maple trees can live & thrive down here but I only see these trees on rare occasions. So here is my version of fall colors.

This showy fall plant is the hibiscus I planted in my yard a few years ago. It is nearing 5 feet tall but will die back after the first freeze, (yes, we do get freezing temperatures down here).

And here is one of my favorite recipes... This was merely dye-bath #1. I got some interesting color using black cherry & cherry Kool-aid on top of this green in a variegated pattern. I know it sounds crazy but I like it & given it's future application, it's going to be perfect. Ya'll wash your hands, Supper's almost ready!

Finished yarn...Kool-aid flavors used included lemon-lime, pineapple, lemon, black cherry, cherry & berry blue. I also used a dab or two of blue food coloring.

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