Friday, November 20, 2009

Funky Fabric Friday....

And I mean that in a GOOD way ! I love this fabric. It's happy. Perhaps I should call this entry "Happy Funky Fabric Friday". I have always loved to sew but am currently addicted to the more fiber-y crafts. Well this time I'm going combine the two, in a sense. This fabric will be a project bag. I have enough left over to make a knitting needle and/or crochet hook case. I plan to whip this thing up this weekend and will post pictures accordingly.

The finished tote is going to hold a nice surprise for some lucky reader of the winter issue of Crochet Uncut. I'll drop more hints as the time for the contest approaches. And yes, one of the prizes will be an Etimo hook, as promised.

Getting ready to lay out the pattern...

And now an Elijah update...ta daaaaaa! He's finished! LOVE the pattern!

Plus I learned a couple of new skills; grafting & short rows. Yay for old dogs & new tricks!! Woof!

Finally I shortened the length of ribbon for the bow on the hat & I like it better now.

Now, let the weekend begin....Roll Tide ya'll!

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