Saturday, November 14, 2009

Practicing Safe Crafting...

Here's a safe craft that won't spread those nasty germs. In fact, it kills the little creeps...
I love working with all of this beautiful fiber that I got from my friend Jennifer at Desert Garden Farms. There are plenty of tutorials on felting wool over bars of soap & this idea has been around for a long time so I'll just give you a little synopsis. Gather your favorite bar of soap (or rather bars, you'll want to make a bunch), wool roving, hot & cold water in bowls & get to washing. Wrap the bar with the fiber, dip in hot water & gentle rub the fiber, making suds. Periodically dip the bar into the cold water. Repeat all steps until the wool is felted tightly over the bar, squeeze out the excess water & let it dry. Great for gifts, but you'll want one for yourself as well.

Oh & incidentally, my felted bar of soap is not finished...apparently I need to felt it some more, but isn't the color of the roving gorgeous??

This craft really encourages one to wash one's hands! I have the cleanest hands in town.

Now for some fun go to the Friday Blog Carnival on Alpaca Farm Girl for some beautiful needle felted items. Gorgeous!!


  1. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing how to do this. I'd love to see a green one, like the color of the fiber in the pics!

    Thanks for participating in Fiber Arts Friday.

  2. I recently bought some felted soap off etsy and got really intrigued by the idea. Your roving is gorgeous and it seems like a really fun project.

    Happy Fiber Friday!

  3. Wow I really love that roving! Great colors. Click the URL on my name for a link to how I felt my soap, less mess and better coverage.

  4. I love making these too :o) Gorgeous fibre!

  5. I've heard of felted soap before but I never really got it... I guess I didn't realize the wool goes AROUND the soap... Silly me! Thanks for sharing, now I know... =)

  6. Beautiful colors! I have some soap, and some roving, but I just can't bring myself to use up the wooly goodness this way! I will try it some day.