Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday Shopping at the Yarn Cottage...

This is the second time in a week that I have had the pleasure of shopping at the Yarn Cottage in Fairhope, Alabama. The first time was Thursday evening. I stopped in on the way to an evening meeting & picked up a few balls of yarn for the baby hat I'm making. The place was full of happy knitters, all meeting for Knit Night at the Cottage. They were all sitting around the comfy seating area with the front door wide open, to allow the breeze to circulate. Nice. I would have loved to join them.

So Saturday I found myself in Fairhope again & stopped by in search of some soft, fuzzy yarn to use as a carrying yarn. I was looking for some kidsilk haze or similar. Again the door stood open, beckoning to passersby. What an adorable shop and what a lovely way to spend time...looking at and actually picking up all of the gorgeous yarns I used to only be able to purchase online. I am so glad to have an lys in the area now. Rhonda, Heidi & Nancy are all so friendly & helpful. It's so nice to be with folks who understand & speak "knitting".
Decisions, decisions...all the wonderful decisions...

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