Thursday, November 5, 2009

Surprises in the Mail...

As mentioned several weeks ago, I received two very nice surprises; one from my friend Jennifer at Desert Garden Farms & one from my friend on Traveling Creature Laboratory on Ravelry.

The first surprise was fiber samples & beautiful spinning spindle, with which I spun the yarn that Madame Poulet is wearing in an earlier post. I'm finally going to post the pictures of said surprise(s). Don't you just love the fluffy fiber? Like cotton candy & the spindle is made from a gorgeous glass circle/bead(?). I love it and had such a fun time spinning with it. I'll definately do it again...

The second surprise was from Lizavietta on Ravelry . She sent me a gorgeous crocheted necklace that I had been admiring on her projects page on Ravelry. Did I happen to say that turquoise blue ranks way up on my favorites list? Well the necklace is large dark teal "beads" with a light turquoise/aqua"chain". She also threaded real seed beads in these colors for some sparkle. I LOVE it. So does my 22 year old daughter...hands off kiddo, it's mine, even though it does look really, REALLY pretty with(in) her auburn hair, (She was wearing it as a hairband which worked, in an ancient Grecian sort of way,I must say).

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