Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bamboo & crochet; a beautiful marriage...

I LOVE the texture & warmth of bamboo!! And the softness of yarn made with it! Is there anything we can't make with bamboo??

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More on moonpies...

Moonpie season is upon us, starting with the New Year's bash in Mobile, which is a new idea. Then comes Mardi Gras where fifty-eleven gazillion bazillion moonpies are thrown from floats. Look what I found at the Moonpie official can moon a friend or relative by designing your own box of moonpies

What does a moonpie & New Year's eve have in common....

I love where I live! New York has the giant Waterford crystal studded ball drop in Times Square....WE have the giant moonpie drop in Mobile!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Etimo Hooks group on Ravelry...

I've started a new Ravelry group for Etimo crochet hooks

As you can see, I tried to make a banner for said group & was unsuccessful, (can't get the correct scale ). Therefore, I'm having a banner design contest in the group. The winner will win an individual Etimo hook & other surprises, to be announced at a later date. The contest is open until February 1, 2010.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let the Eating Begin...

December Breakfast. Oh and here's something sweet & miraculous from a fellow Gulf Coast region resident...just in time for Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

You Want 'em, Now we've Got 'em....Again!!

This just in, literally; our new Etimo shipment has arrived, moments ago. Happy Fridy!We have the regular sets only, no steel hook sets yet. There are plans to get those after the 1st of the year. Click on the link at the bottom of this page for my Etsy shop.

We also have them in our eBay store...
Castle Baldwin Teasures

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wonderful Knitty Issue Went Live Today...

Yea, I know, you already know. Who doesn't? It's wonderful issue yet again & this item made me laugh & if you can't laugh at the cold weather, what CAN you do?

Local December Color & Popeye....

December sundown on the bay...the best kind of "Christmas lights"!!

And while I'm in a nautical mood I'll let you in on what I've been working on...Popeye characters, a blast from my past, for certain. According to what I can find out ol'Popeye is in the public domain now. Cerdeb on Ravelry is helping me with the designs & technical aspects & together I think we can do it. Thus far, we have Olive Oyl, almost all of Popeye & plans for Sweet Pea. They are in the rough draft right now & will probably take a few months to finalize, but I'll let you know.Oh & by the way, I've used my Etimo hook exclusively for this project & I must say that they are smooth as velvet. End of commercial break

Sneak peek of Popeye & company in the works.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free Patterns That I Would Pay For....

Sorry for the improper grammar but there are so many wonderful, free patterns on the internet. Some of these patterns are so good it makes me scratch my head in wonder. Here's one of those patterns or rather an entire blog of patterns; adorable doll patterns & doll clothes & doll wigs & even a well done Waldorf doll tutorial. Enough said, check it out... Oh & if you start today, you can get a crocheted doll done by Christmas. The best part is that she uses readily available RedHeart yarn!! Affordable, available & washable!! LOVE it!By Hook & By Hand

Petite Purls winter issue...

So cute!! Check it out for instant happiness. The projects are brilliant! The photography is awesome!! LOVE the toy sheep by Susan Anderson but then I am a huge fan of hers, so what can I say. That's not to say that I don't love the other projects because I do!! I didn't see a single design that I wouldn't want to do.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last Minute Mitts & Something SWEET...

I stumbled upon Susie's Reading Mitts from the Dancing Ewe while browsing patterns on Ravelry the other day & just KNEW I had to make a pair of them. Previous to this revelation, I was trying to make up my own version of fingerless gloves on the fly.

Yes, I'm really kind of behind on the fingerless glove thing but the light has finally come on as to the usefulness of this type of glove. It's warm down here for most of the year so I never know where my overly hot gloves are & my hands get too warm when I do wear them & I can't knit or crochet with them on and so on & so forth. Eureka!! Fingerless gloves! Told you I was slow.

This pair of hot pink gloves are for my daughter. So why the last minute gift planning for my only daughter? 'Cause the weather is crazy down here; warm, hot, cool, warm, cold, warm, warm, warm, and etc. Just when you finally decide to get your big ol' wool coat dry cleaned so you can wear it without dying from dust inhalation it gets warm again. I finally donated mine to charity last year, after years of neglect in the closet.

It's warm today & it was yesterday. It's supposed to cool off once the rain moves out but the highs will still be in the 60's. See what I mean, you forget that it's almost winter, what with encore azaleas blooming and dang if I didn't see honeysuckle blooming on a vine running up a telephone pole. I'll need to photograph that to prove it. So yes, this was a last minute idea but she will love them just the same, (I hope) because they are in her signature hot pink/fuchsia color and they will keep her paws warm without being all bulky & wintry.

Here's the sweet something I mentioned...the cutest, sweetest bake shop ever. Did I happen to mention that they are situated dangerously close to my office?

Who wants a cupcake??

Right in Time For Christmas....

Finally some fall colors amongst all of the Live Oaks,Magnolias & Pines, (nevermind that it's almost winter)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Craftiness Runs in Families...

My parents are super creative & crafty! Through the years they have expressed these creative endeavors in various & sundry mediums such as; pottery, stained glass, sculpture, needlepoint, knitting, drawing, painting, cooking, gardening, & woodworking to name but a few. Here's a stained glass house my Dad made several years ago. The piece stays out year round at their house but for Christmas it gets a little Currier & Ives makeover. The house is fashioned after a historic home somewhere in Kansas.

It even has a copper roof like the "real" house. I love this piece. It looks so cozy & "Christmasy" to me.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My New Look is Complete...

Melissa at thespeckledpear has finished my digital makeover & I LOVE it! This has been such a fun experience! All I had to do was tell her a bit about my "vision" for this blog & my Etsy store and voila it's done!! She is brilliant & I couldn't be happier.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Labor of Love or Just Hard Labor ? You Decide...

I want to make a huge skein of bead infused yarn. No, I won't be knitting or crocheting the skein myself, so "add as you go" won't work. Here's the solution my friends at Desert Garden Farms group over on Ravelry suggested; crochet said beads onto some sewing thread. Here's the progress from one movie's worth of crocheting. Want to know the "funny" part? I want to make 300-400 yards of this. Why yes, I AM a wee bit over-zealous, thank you very much.

Now for something beautiful, rich & creamy but non-fattening. I just got a shipment from Lotus Yarns in China and will be listing this sock yarn in my Etsy store. The company calls it "Raw White" but I'm calling it French Vanilla 'cause it's yummy like the ice cream! The particulars are as follows;
60% Super Merino
15% Nylon
15% Bamboo
10% Silk
380 meters/415 yards/100 g
Suggested needle: US 3-5(3.25mm - 3.75mm)
Gauge: 4.75- 6 sts/inch
Don't like French Vanilla Ice Cream? How about a little butterscotch on top or chocolate or strawberry & so on...Dye it to suit your tastes.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sending Some "Dixie" to Idaho...

Jennifer the Shepherdess over at Desert Garden Farms is making a keep-sake wall-hanging of a Christmas tree for her toddler daughter & requested pieces from her on-line friends. Always ready to share a bit of the Gulf coast with folks count me in...Here are my contributions. Nothing says Gulf coast like some good ol' boiled shrimp, (my family thinks this looks like a crawdad). I crocheted the shrimp out of Kool-aid dyed wool & then appliqued him onto a crocheted circle of Kool-aid dyed green wool.

We have this phenomenon down here called a Jubilee So naturally I had to add some fish to the mix as well.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Look What the Storm Blew In...

Boy did we have a storm last night!! It started out cold & raw & rainy, then yielded to warmer thunderstorms with high winds. When all was "said & done" this is what I found; bunches & bunches of Mistletoe!! Usually it is way too high to reach & has to be "shot" out of the trees with a shotgun or so I'm told....(Yea, right. I'm going to stand around watching some ya-who shooting Mistletoe from the branches of a Live Oak tree).