Friday, December 11, 2009

Labor of Love or Just Hard Labor ? You Decide...

I want to make a huge skein of bead infused yarn. No, I won't be knitting or crocheting the skein myself, so "add as you go" won't work. Here's the solution my friends at Desert Garden Farms group over on Ravelry suggested; crochet said beads onto some sewing thread. Here's the progress from one movie's worth of crocheting. Want to know the "funny" part? I want to make 300-400 yards of this. Why yes, I AM a wee bit over-zealous, thank you very much.

Now for something beautiful, rich & creamy but non-fattening. I just got a shipment from Lotus Yarns in China and will be listing this sock yarn in my Etsy store. The company calls it "Raw White" but I'm calling it French Vanilla 'cause it's yummy like the ice cream! The particulars are as follows;
60% Super Merino
15% Nylon
15% Bamboo
10% Silk
380 meters/415 yards/100 g
Suggested needle: US 3-5(3.25mm - 3.75mm)
Gauge: 4.75- 6 sts/inch
Don't like French Vanilla Ice Cream? How about a little butterscotch on top or chocolate or strawberry & so on...Dye it to suit your tastes.

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  1. Love this yarn! I just found your blog, boy am I late to the party!