Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last Minute Mitts & Something SWEET...

I stumbled upon Susie's Reading Mitts from the Dancing Ewe while browsing patterns on Ravelry the other day & just KNEW I had to make a pair of them. Previous to this revelation, I was trying to make up my own version of fingerless gloves on the fly.

Yes, I'm really kind of behind on the fingerless glove thing but the light has finally come on as to the usefulness of this type of glove. It's warm down here for most of the year so I never know where my overly hot gloves are & my hands get too warm when I do wear them & I can't knit or crochet with them on and so on & so forth. Eureka!! Fingerless gloves! Told you I was slow.

This pair of hot pink gloves are for my daughter. So why the last minute gift planning for my only daughter? 'Cause the weather is crazy down here; warm, hot, cool, warm, cold, warm, warm, warm, and etc. Just when you finally decide to get your big ol' wool coat dry cleaned so you can wear it without dying from dust inhalation it gets warm again. I finally donated mine to charity last year, after years of neglect in the closet.

It's warm today & it was yesterday. It's supposed to cool off once the rain moves out but the highs will still be in the 60's. See what I mean, you forget that it's almost winter, what with encore azaleas blooming and dang if I didn't see honeysuckle blooming on a vine running up a telephone pole. I'll need to photograph that to prove it. So yes, this was a last minute idea but she will love them just the same, (I hope) because they are in her signature hot pink/fuchsia color and they will keep her paws warm without being all bulky & wintry.

Here's the sweet something I mentioned...the cutest, sweetest bake shop ever. Did I happen to mention that they are situated dangerously close to my office?

Who wants a cupcake??

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  1. I too have just started a pair of fingerless gloves for my daughter..'great minds think alike'! Wishing you a merry yule and much happy knitting in 2010.