Thursday, December 17, 2009

Local December Color & Popeye....

December sundown on the bay...the best kind of "Christmas lights"!!

And while I'm in a nautical mood I'll let you in on what I've been working on...Popeye characters, a blast from my past, for certain. According to what I can find out ol'Popeye is in the public domain now. Cerdeb on Ravelry is helping me with the designs & technical aspects & together I think we can do it. Thus far, we have Olive Oyl, almost all of Popeye & plans for Sweet Pea. They are in the rough draft right now & will probably take a few months to finalize, but I'll let you know.Oh & by the way, I've used my Etimo hook exclusively for this project & I must say that they are smooth as velvet. End of commercial break

Sneak peek of Popeye & company in the works.


  1. I LOVE Olive Oyl and my cat is named Sweet Pea!

  2. I was Nicked as a wee gaffer as OliveOly since the day I answered too the name,... I watched all there cartoons Miss Julep. Yes
    I have too you about the Popeye and Loive Oye too you before. I'd give my eye teeth...If I could even finish the charaters for you... Or even if you had parts of the pattern to work with... They look so astounding just as they are. Yes I am the the SexyMinnieMouse who has written too you long ago. I not all completley together.. and well. But there is signs of remarkable improvement.,Atleast I finally have a hook in my hands. Tension is finally coming along as well.. Hope too hear from you.. and wishing you and your family all the best.... Blessing too you and all your loved ones.
    Sexy_Minnie Mouse

  3. Thanks sexyminniemouse for your kind comments! I remember you. I do have plans to finish these characters. I am teaming up with a friend to finish them. She is currently working on a book so it won't be in the near future, but we did speak of it recently. Given your love for Olive Oyl and your nickname, it stands to reason that you'd be a good test crocheter for us:)