Sunday, January 24, 2010

Possunt quia posse videntur ....

"they can because they think they can" Here's yet another piece my Mom made. I've always loved this piece, now it's mine. I'd like to put it in my garden in a place of honor, where I will see it & be inspired. If I put it out there now it will just add to the flotsam & jetsam that is my yard at the moment. I really, REALLY need to put down the needles & hooks & tend to my garden.
The next 2 items are stretcher frames, for use with needlepoint or embroidery. I used to do both but have not done so in many, many years. These are actually going to be merchandise in my Etsy shop. I went down to the beach yesterday for a photo shoot. Unfortunately the wind was way too strong so I was unable to get some of the shots that I wanted. Things kept blowing away. Oh well, a good excuse to go to the beach next weekend. I love the beach in winter.

Oh & the needlepoint that is under the stretcher frame was done by who else but my crafty mother! Beautiful!

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