Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beads for Idaho installment # 2 and the weather...

I'm just about sick of global warming. We're supposed to have snow down here tomorrow, which had better not cancel my "Beads for Idaho" plans. I've been training & limbering up all week so as not to get sore glutes , (from bending to pick up beads), like last week.

Tomorrow night will be the Mystic Order of Persephone rolling at 6:45 pm. Unless of course we see a snowflake, then all bets are off. Snow or no, it's going to be cold, but I'm ready with the fifty-eleven scarves I've knitted & crocheted. Just got to find my gloves. Glad I'm not one of the scantily clad costumed Krewe members. I've heard they aren't allowed to wear a jacket or anything "out of costume", which is usually skimpy & satiny. Nothing like cold satin against the skin. Ouch!

Here's the perfect costume. These men were probably pretty warm at last weeks' parade, what with woolen kilts & socks.

P.S. I'll bet this bagpipe band gets a lot of parade action this time of year. First Mardi Gras then St. Patrick's day. Fun!

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