Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moonpie season tutorial #2 How to catch beads...

In some places you can get hurt trying to catch beads or you have to display crazy, wild & perhaps lude behavior to get these beads. Not worth it!And if you've ever been assaulted by a "flying beanbag" thrown by a strong armed man on one of the floats then you'll know to be watchful. O.K. so rule #1, always be on the lookout for would-be "bombs" coming from the floats.

The second rule is to find a good place to stand. Go early & stake your claim. Yea, right. Like no one is going to come at the last minute & stand right in front of you. Well I happen to have a friend that lives on the parade route & she has graciously offered her front stoop for our parade watching enjoyment. Still, I'd better get there early before squatters take over.

Three, bring a bag to carry all of your caught goodies. Preferable one that you can carry on your shoulder if you have a long way to walk back to your car.

Four, dress warmly. Nights get cold down here & none of us are used to it. So 50 degrees farenheit feels like 30 to we thin-blooded southerners. And it ALWAYS rains on someones parade during the season, always!

Five, make a sign. Actually, this is the first year I've ever done something like this and it's really just for fun (to see if I can collect more beads for the 4-H'ers in Weiser, Idaho), but hey if it works I'll try this tactic again.

Six, have fun but be safe. Don't overinduldge in adult beverages.

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