Saturday, February 13, 2010

MOOP's LOVE Idaho...

Last night was installment #2 of the "Beads for Idaho" project. And boy was it COLD. I know, quit whining. The parade was much shorter than it normally would have been because of our gulf coast blizzard, (yes we really did see snowflakes yesterday and had temps in the 30's at parade time., which feels like 10 below for we southerners) . And just as a point of reference regarding the weather, the Krewe was allowed to wear jackets over their costumes, which ,if you recall my previous post, is usually not done. Despite the weather & the rather abridged parade, fun was had by all.

The remaining reveler's put up a valiant effort for the cause and again we racked up for the 4-H kids of Weiser, Idaho! This time our haul was 10 lbs 4 ounces. Not as much as last time but this parade was smaller & I had only 1 assistant so all things considered we "did good". The ladies of the Mystic Order of Persephone (or MOOP), love Idaho too & upon seeing our sign, showered us with beads. One of them thanked us for coming. Southern hospitality is alive and well indeed.

Thank you MOOP's for parading despite arctic weather & for participating so generously in what may become an annual Bead for Idaho movement.

Tonight we have the Shadow Barons rolling at 6:45 pm. My sign is ready and so am I. Have a great Saturday y'all and let the good times roll!!

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