Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Mysterious Shadow Barons love Idaho...

Last Night was installment #3 of the beads for Idaho campaign. And what a near perfect night it was indeed. Relatively nice temperatures, compared to last night, fair skies & lots of happy people.

The Shadow Barons hosted a fun parade with a circus theme and the fun & excitement they exuded was contagious. We could hear the crowds hollering & cheering from blocks away...a happy sound.

Again, our sign was noticed by the float riding krewe and they showered us with the beads we were seeking to the tune of 12 lbs of delighfully garish colored swag.
Thank you Shadow Barons for showing us a good time & for showing Idaho some southern  hospitality.


  1. Remember your sign. Glad you had a good time!

    Masquer08er - Shadow Barons 2010

  2. Thanks Masquero8er of the Shadow Barons!!Perhaps this will be an annual bead exchange event between me & the Weiser, ID 4H-ers. They are excited about this project. And y'all were AWESOME!