Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An unexpected surprise...

Maybe some of you remember the loom my Mom was selling. Well my crafty parents located a weaving shop & studio not too terribly far from here and quite close to Gulf Shores beach and asked me to go along for the ride; to meet the lady who owns the shop/studio and to have lunch.
The shop is called Clara's Loom and it is such a jewel in the crown of our beautiful gulf coast region. The shop is located in Bon Secur, Alabama,on Highway 10, nestled under a Live Oak tree in a customized pre-fab "out building" from one of the major hardware chains. I tell you this because of the curb appeal this shop has. Proof positive of the artistic style of Celia Dionne, the owner & artist in residence.

Upon pulling into the parking lot one is struck by the creative, clever logo for her shop & business. It's a sheep, fitting for an artisan that deals in fiber-related media. But the sheep is a thumb print. Possibly hers, we didn't get a chance to ask.

As we approached the door, it appeared to be locked but the sign said "open". Not to worry, she was in her upstairs studio & the moment we tugged on the door, she told us over an intercom that she'd be right down.

Once inside we were struck by the wonderful assortment of fiber-y goodness, from washed & carded  fleece to name brand, factory spun yarns to magnificent hand-woven shawls. Gorgeous!! She also sells looms & weaving paraphenalia.
We were lucky enough to get a tour of her studio. It was there that I was bitten by the weaving bug. The triangular weaving bug to be exact. I didn't mean for it to happen & really prefer to knit or crochet, (or so I thought). With so many projects on the horizon it may be a while until I start weaving but I've stashed the inspiration in my mind, to patiently wait until that "some day".

Until then, enjoy these pictures. Oh & if you are ever in our area & you want to visit Clara's Loom she suggests that you call first as she is an active art show exhibitor. Once you see her weavings you'll see why! Gorgeous does not begin to describe her work.

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