Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yes I am a wee bit quirky but...

that's beside the point. So why am I conducting this grassroots Beads for Idaho campaign?? Because I love where I live & I love parades & local festivals & bluegrass music & children!! How does this list fit together in a cohesive & related group? Well, we have Mardi Gras down here usually in February. And with Mardi Gras comes parades; lots of them. And where there are parades there are beads, beads, & more beads, (oh & Moonpies too but that's a different story).

Everytime we have a parade, for any reason, we have beads. So because of this, most households have at least a few strands of beads, others have tons.

So what do we do with the beads? Hang them here & there around the house & on car mirrors.Then we get tired of looking at them & in an effort to make things tidy we get rid of them; sell them at a garage sale, donate them to Goodwill or in turn throw them out at another parade.Which brings me to why I'm sending them to Idaho.

Every June Weiser, Idaho hosts the Oldtime Fiddler's Festival. With every good festival comes parades. So each year the townsfolk welcome the visitors with fun & festive activities such as parades & craft sales & fair rides, which in turn gives visitors something to do in between fiddling competitions & creates the festive atmosphere.

Included in the parade are the local 4-H children parading their freshly washed & groomed animals; the animals that many of them hand raise, thus learning valuable lessons & repsonsibility. Calves, goats, sheep, maybe a Llama or two participate in the parade. What a wonderful taste of local color.

My friend Jennifer of Desert Garden Farms in Weiser & her husband are leaders of their local 4-H group and of course are instrumental in coordinating the parade entries. It's a family affair for them; parents, children & even their own animals.

So we were "talking" on Ravelry and got on the subject of parades & festivals & etc. And I got to thinking "wouldn't it be fun to collect beads from our Mardi Gras & send them to the children to throw at their Fiddle Fest parade"? And so a scheme was born. I think the kids are going to love it. And I don't know about you but there's something about wearing garishly bright beads that just makes me feel festive!

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