Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My collection is COMPLETE...

(for the time being, anyway)
Don't know why it's taken me so long to complete my set of Susan B. Anderson books, as I LOVE the other two!! Perhaps it's because I've been doing some design work and didn't want to inadvertantly copy her brilliantly cute ideas. And/or maybe because  I haven't had time with all of my own work to even entertain the notion of knitting something other than my assignments. Who knows...But suffice it to say that this book is exactly what I thought it would be...BRILLIANT, WONDERFUL, CREATIVE, SWEET and generally AWESOME!!!

Susan has such a lovely, friendly, relaxed  way about her, which is so evident in her books as well as her two blogs. I love how she shares tidbits about her family and how she is proud of them without being boastful. From where I sit, she has a lot to be proud of, they seem like wonderful children.

This book is a crowning achievement in my eyes, as I have a special bias towards toys, especially "stuffed animal" type toys & dolls. And did I happen to mention that the giraffe is my most favorite African animal!! I'd love to sit down & knit the entire Itty Bitty collection, start to finish. And here's the selfish part...they'd be all MINE!! "Hands off kiddo's, these are my toys!!" Seriously, every child (or child at heart),in America needs something knitted from this book. But alas, I have "projects up the wah-zoo" that need to get done, so for now I'll just thumb through the book when my hands are taking a break and dream of future babies playing with these wonderful toys!

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