Thursday, March 18, 2010

Petite Purls issue not so PETITE...

Happy almost spring y'all! And what a way to celebrate with a fresh new "Green" issue of Petite Purls. Oh my goodness, talk about cuteness in gargantuan proportions!! Have you seen the spring 2010 issue of the online magazine Petite Purls? There are well over EIGHTEEN patterns/howtos in this issue, if you count the tutorials and instructions in the features area as well! One would be hardpressed to choose a favorite. And talk about "mult-media", suffice it to say that I am in multi-crafting heaven. Knitting, crochet, sewing, dyeing, weaving....LOVE it!!

But let's start with the cover. I can't say enough about the "little man" on the cover. And what an adorable grown-up hat, just like Daddy's. Would you believe it's made of old t-shirts?? And the photo composition...this is definately not your usual "say cheese!" picture. Instead I found myself being drawn in by the model's position and the guitar he's holding. I wanted to see more.

Speaking of the models and the photography. WOW! Children are always cute to me but again, these pictures were so artfully arranged. They make me want to queue the entire magazine. Who doesn't love a smiling baby but serious faced babies are especially cute to me. So innocent & full of wonder.

As for the "green" aspect of the projects, this issue encompasses a myriad of techniques & materials. Some of the yarns are processed from sustainable items such as corn. Wow, can you imagine? I will never look at an ear of corn in the same way. And of course a baby friendly favorite, cotton, organically grown of course. And recycled cotton yarn as well. Then there are the yarns dyed with safe and fun Kool-aid, a personal favorite.

Last but not least are the "tarn" projects...for those who don't know, "tarn" is yarn made out of old t-shirts. And no, it is not made in a factory. Rather it can be simply made at home and tutorials for this procedure are all over the internet. Frankly, this tarn tickles me. Does anyone in America NOT have a drawer full of old t-shirts? You know you do. This not only speaks to my thrifty nature but also my sentimental side, which is quite abundant. Along the same vein as quilt making, the tarn allows the person to create usable yarn from t-shirts with a history. What about those t-shirts you got on your honeymoon or a family vacation, or from a road race and so on? Or what about the t-shirts your baby has outgrown? This history just adds a sentimental aspect to the piece you create with the tarn.

In case it has not been made abundantly clear this issue is so inspirational and educational. There is an article on HOW to pick a "green" yarn, valuable advice in the world labeling. This issue even has sewing, crochet & dying tutorials for the well-rounded crafter or for those wishing to expand their crafting horizons.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the editors; Allegra Wermuth, Brandy Fortune & Joan Beebe. My goodness what an accomplished group of ladies, each talented designers in their own right. It was such a pleasure and honor to work with them. They work so hard behind the scenes to bring about the wonderfully slick e-zine that is Petite Purls. Thank you ladies!!