Monday, March 8, 2010

Real knits for a virtual baby shower...

Another reason why I love Ravelry. I got to attend a baby shower in Alaska, in the comfort & warmth of my own latitude and longitude. A bunch of us "online friends" from Desert Garden Farms group on Ravelry threw a baby shower for a fellow group member. We all knitted, crocheted, sewed or purchased items for the soon to be born baby and mailed them to the mother. She in turn has uploaded pictures so we could "oooohhhh& aaaahhhh" over all of the precious baby things.

Here are my gifts;
An improvised 1 piece sweater, my favorite pacifier clip by Susan B. Anderson from "Itty Bitty Nursery" and a cotton Baby Coccoon Set by Sandy Powers, for all those adorable baby pictures. Improvised cotton bibs
and some colorful spring yarn for "Mom".




  1. How fun! I bet Momma to be was thrilled :-)

  2. Thanks!!It's always fun to make baby items since they are small, quick & the baby doesn't care if your stitches are less than perfect:)