Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sew much fun.....

A friend of mine asked me to make some First Communion veils. Oh my goodness, what a FUN project! Consider this; carte blanche`, "the sky's the limit" use of lots & lots of tulle, ribbon, silk flowers, a few rhinestones, lace...what's not to love?! The fluffier and more cream puff the better. I am so in touch with my inner princess,(or Queen as it were).

Oh & the sewing part...simple! My wedding veil was pricey and it was short. Nevermind what the Cathdral length veil costs. Y'all, veils are labor intensive but they are so simple to make, SO simple!! Straight cuts are essential, but that is easily done with a cutting matt and rotary cutter. In my opinion, it's the edging or lack thereof that makes or breaks the design, be it a veil for a little girl or a bride. I prefer a finished edge and finished mine on the sewing machine. But they could have just as easily been rolled & sewn by hand, while watching TV, as long as the light is good. I happen to enjoy handsewing at times.
Wish I could see one of these on a little girl but alas I only have my crochet covered styrofoam ball on a candle stand for a model; handy but not very exciting.

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