Friday, March 5, 2010

Wake up, it's time to celebrate...

Yay! It's March, that means SPRING!!Always worthy of celebration!!March also brings with it "National Crochet Month"! There are observances all over the net, including a CAL with the CGOA and all over Ravelry. And what better medium to use for making cute, springy totes, transition scarves & shawls than lacy crochet. But hey, we've got something else to celebrate. After a lengthy hiatus the editor of Crochet Uncut, Darlisa Riggs is BACK & has "hit the ground running". Welcome back, Dalisa! You were sorely missed!!

Now in celebration of spring, Crochet Month, Darlisa's return and all things crochet in general; Darlisa & I are offering a contest. Details for the contest can be found in the Spring 2010 issue. The contest prize will include the 2 skeins of yarn for the bath mitt & cloth project designed by Darlisa & found in the current issue, an Etimo hook in the size required for the project, an embroidered silk project tote and other goodies. I'll post some detailed pictures in the very near future. Until then, Happy Crocheting & TGIF!!

Oh & even though it is called "National" Crochet Month, this contest is not limited to people living in the United States. So to all our buddies and fellow crocheters around the world, welcome!


  1. Yay!!! I am so ready for Spring!! I have to go now there is this cool contest I have to go check out *wink* buh bye for now :-)

  2. Thanks De'Anna!! And good luck:) Hoping your spring comes in early!