Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crochet Today has done it again...

The folks at Crochet Today have come out with a wonderful May/June 2010 issue, just bursting at the seams with inspirational projects!! I LOVE how they have a wedding AND baby theme, which can be a logical progression for some. 

The wedding items are so beautiful and dainty and certainly fitting for heirloom wedding attire. LOVE the Bridal Headband by Roxana Ramseur and Keepsake Shawl by Susan Lowman and can see these used in other ways such as proms, garden parties & fancy teas or just when you want to feel pretty and feminine.

Now for the baby items. Oh my goodness!! LOVE the Sunshine Dress by Linda Permann & Springy Jacket by Kj Hay and can definately see myself making these. The Happy Day Mobile by Amy Gaines is SO DARNED CUTE and well, "HAPPY"! And the Baby Shower Blanket by Sara Graham is such a wonderful, sentimental idea, which is so "me". Each guest at the baby shower crochets a square to be made into a blanket for the new baby. I love this idea.

Not just for babies & children, the menagerie of precious animals by Ana Paula Rimoli are definately cuties to put on the "to do" list! Ana has such a talent for designing adorable, "take me home with you"'s that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Don't you just love that?

Y'all, I've left out a WHOLE bunch of designs and articles so you'll just have to get your hands on an issue to see the rest of the wonderful cuteness including; booties, spring/summer sweaters, top & sunhat, (I NEED that where I live), and so much more!

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