Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter and a word about volunteers...

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! This year my husband & I decided to have a casual Easter "dinner", a picnic of sorts on our back deck. Instead of baked ham and all of the trimmings laid out on a linen tablecloth we opted for cold spiral sliced ham and all of the fixings to make the perfect ham sandwich. Add to that homemade potato salad, Mom's olive spread & homemade bread and a delicious homebaked desert and in our minds we had a perfect feast fitting for Easter. Trouble is it looked like rain early on Easter morning. Plus the pollen was, (and still is), SO THICK  so we decided to keep it indoors. Here's a picture of my "indoor picnic" in the planning stage. Unfortunately I didn't even think to take more pictures with the food laid out and such.

Now about volunteers. When I talk about volunteers I am talking about plants that sprout up out of nowhere, in your yard. Ones that YOU did not plant and no I am not talking about weeds. Back in 2004, I had some sunflower volunteers as well as a tomato plant. That was a fun year for gardening. See I had gotten some leggy old pines trees cut down in my front yard in the hopes of transforming my yard into the perfect  "Better homes & Gardens" layout. O.K., a little bit of grandiosity but hey, I can dream can't I?

At any rate, as I was "working" the empty canvas that was my yard, I noticed some seedlings that looked like young sunflowers, (or squash or watermelon...they kind of look alike when they are new 2 leaved sprouts). SO I decided to nuture the sprouts to see what I'd get. Sure enough they were sunflowers but not just ANY sunflowers they were GIGANTIC!! The neighbors loved them. And so did I!! So much so that I have planted some on purpose this year. They have since sprouted and I am looking forward to their stages of growth, which I will document here this spring & summer.

Here you see the Sunflower volunteers. They got so much bigger but this was pre-digital camera days for me & I didn't document things as well back then.

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