Thursday, April 15, 2010

My obsessions are cyclical..

My obsession for chickens, felting purses & Kool-aid dyeing has been replaced with dolls; lots & lots of dolls!!"Back in the day" I sewed and designed many a doll and puppet & Barbie outfits as well as sculpting a few dolls out of polymer clay. Yes, I was a bit obsessed, per usual.

Well the dolls are BACK!!I've always had Barbie clothes waiting in the wings for their turn to be "worked on" and have so enjoyed both using published patterns as well as making my own. Then there are the "ragdolls"...always a cuddly favorite as well dolls made of a combination of materials. Add to this list my relatively new obsession  with knitting & crocheting and you get the method to my current madness.

So here's what I have been doing...Ordering LOTS of materials on line, such as wool for stuffing & hair, stockinette bandaging (huh?), sculpey, paper mache` clay, a couple of Asian ball joint dolls that need what they call a "face-up" and even a wooden spool-type doll kit, (hey it was cheap on Etsy and it's cute).

Add to the previous, the various dolls and etc., that I have stashed in my closet for future use and you've got a hot mess crafters paradise. Looking at the list it is obvious that these items don't necessarily fit together for just one doll type. So here's what I'm doing;
1.  Designing my own Waldorf-inspired doll, using the wool stuffed head & body techniques, (here's where the stockinette comes in), which is done, in rough "draft" anyway.
2.  Designing a crochet version of a "fashion" doll, which is sort of done, at least I've got her entire body crocheted but not put together. This one is going to need pattern testers, preferably ones that enjoy multi-media techniques, which I'm sure to find on Ravelry..
3.  Designing some knit, crochet & sewn clothes for #'s 1 & 2 above as well as for Barbie, Liv & the BJD's I just got.
4.  Doing the "face-ups" on my 2 BJD's....I need to get the nerve first of all. Used to do lots of small detail painting but I was so much younger then.
5.  Regarding the sculpey & paper mache` clay, well suffice it to say that these items fit into one or more of the previously listed projects and already this post is WAY too long. Believe me, there will be more "talk" of this.

Here you see my Apple Salad Doll, her name is Annie, of course. Don't you love the China doll dress and cute mouse I found for her? These were both thrift shop finds.

Through this entire doll phase Mr. Witty, (aka Mr. Crafty, my husband) has been speechless and he is the one who gets the mail. Hmmmm.

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