Friday, April 23, 2010

My very fascinating Fascinator...

The always creative& fun Jennifer over at Desert Garden Farms  on Ravelry, comes up with some zany activities  which I simply can NOT resist. The most current endeavor was the Easter Fascinator swap. Since many of us were busy at or around Easter, the swap just ended today, whereby we are SUPPOSED to be mailing our items out by this day.

My swap partner, whom I have been lucky enough to have as my swapper twice now, is such a thoughtful and creative person. And frankly would make a good detective as she sent items to me that I LOVE and had not been overly verbal about. Case in point is the Ukrainian egg kit! I love this and had stated last year, on this blog, as an aside, that I wanted to learn this craft. Well, now I can thanks to my swapper pal!!

Another time she made notecards with special photos from this blog. And she sent lavender items & special stone ground grits &  yarn with blue in it both times. All items that I adore!

Then there's the fascinator itself...OH MY GOODNESS!! It's fantastic!! Check it out for yourself. It's a small top hat complete with a beautiful net rose and tastefully arranged feathers. I haven't taken a photo of me modeling it yet as it needs special makeup, hair and setting to do the piece justice. She even sent fascinator clips for my sisters to wear as we are getting together for a reunion in the very near future.They are going to love these. My special swap buddy topped the project off  with a custom made, fabric covered hat box in order to keep my fascinator looking pristine, perky and dust free. Wow! She is the BEST!!

Now, I've got some more beading to do to mine and I'm supposed to mail it when?? Happy Friday y'all!

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