Thursday, April 1, 2010

PEEPS !!!!

Every year I look forward to the Washington Post's Peeps Diarama Contest! It is full of satire and humor and sugary sweet PEEPS!! What's not to love?! Some of my all time favorites from the past were the "Peeps are Peeple" an homage to the 70's B-rated classic "Soylent Green". LOVED that one but you have to know the theme of the movie to "get it". Then there was the classically awesome "Peepshow", which was in fact just that: a Peepshow complete with stripper poles and nightclub lighting.  Simple, obvious but cute as can be! I'm glad that folks spend a little time creating fun diaramas for the entertainment of the rest of us. You can check out previous years' entries and see for yourself.

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