Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beer Can Couture in the Redneck Riviera...

Some of you may recall that my younger sister requested a beercan hat about a year ago...Yes, THAT one, the one that gives crochet a bad name or at least associates crochet with the more "kitschy" of fiber arts. But hey, it's all in fun and we had a blast making this hat over the past week while I was at the beach.

Not only was this hat made of cans and yarn, it was also made up of a HUGE barrel of laughs; HUGE!

What started out as a single person crochet project soon became a family affair, with my Dad doing the cutting & hole punch engineering, my Mom and various sisters cheering me on and a wealth of models for the various stages of completion, since I did not have a pattern to follow, due ot the lack of internet connection while I was away.

My husband, Mr. Witty even got in on the act by drinking the beer, which is not his preference of brands but was the specific brand my sister wanted for her hat. Way to take one for the team!!