Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A moment out of your busy day...

Y'all, I am SO BUSY right now but making lots of progress too. Been working on projects that I can't share right now. Not yet, anyway.

But I can share taken at our family reunion a few weeks ago...
The Spanish Moss draped trail in the first 2 pictures leads to pristine beaches....GORGEOUS!Along the way the vegetation changes from Liveoaks with Spanish Moss to pines and then opens up to a waterway with brackish water. The trail along the waterway leads to some windswept dunes and on the other side...the Gulf of Mexico.

This picture was taken by my sister, a wonderful photographer! These are the dunes at the other end of the trail.

Trail's end....a beautiful beach on the gulf...

As I look back at these photos and the pristine, sugar white sands I can't help but think about what is lurking in the Gulf. It's hard not to dwell on the oil spill, especially when it is such a tragedy on so many levels. So far we have not been effected very much but the silent killing tide of oil is out there. All we can do is plan, wait and hope.

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